Kids' Corner can be found in each issue of our Georgia Neighbors magazine. It features educational information about the food we eat and the materials around us, along with a fun word search game.

Current and past issues of Kids' Corner can be downloaded by using the links below. The files files are full color PDF pages, and include the answer sheet for puzzles.

Some also feature an optional black & white version.

A Is For Apple

All A-Buzz About Bees (click here for B&W version)

As A Matter Of Ag Fact (click here for B&W version)

Bee All That You Can Bee

Beefing It Up In Georgia

Blueberries: The True Blue Fruit

Cattle Prominent In Georgia

Clean, Separate, Cool & Chill: Four Basic Steps To Food Safety

Cotton: Still King In Georgia (click here for B&W version)

Eat Your Georgia Veggies

Farmers: Stewards Of The Earth

Georgia Chickens: Something To Crow About

Georgia Fruit: Sweet & Nutritious

Georgia's Fabulous Forestry! (click here for B&W version)

Georgia Goats

Hurricane Season: Are You Ready?

I Want a Career In Ag! (click here for B&W version)

Just Soya Know

My Plate Is Georgia Grown (click here for B&W version)

Nuttin' Like A Georgia Pecan

Peanuts A-Plenty

Pecans: A Nutty Part Of A Healthy Diet

Plenty Of Poultry (click here for B&W version)

Plenty Of Pumpkins

Small Grains Not Small In Georgia

Soil... It's More Than Dirt (click here for B&W version)

Specialty Crops - Special For Georgia (click here for B&W version)

Stretching Your Grocery Dollar With Healthy, Nutritious Food

Swim Into A Safe Summer

Wade Into Water Wisdom

What Biotechnology Is...

Wood You Believe?

Your Voice In Georgia