Agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry. It is an important component of the state’s economy and provides one in seven jobs in agriculturally related fields. However, less than 2% of the population actually lives on the farm and few people have any knowledge of how the food and fiber system works to provide us with food, clothing and shelter.

The purpose of the Georgia Agriculture in the Classroom program is to increase agricultural literacy among children and the general public. It provides tools for more effective teaching about agriculture and its role in an interdependent society, and to assist Georgia’s educators in implementing the instruction of agriculture-related concepts in the classroom.

Kids’ Corner - The Foundation understands that children need to have fun, stimulating opportunities to learn. Kids’ Corner worksheets are a great way to find out more about Georgia agriculture!

Ag Mags - Ag Mags are a great way to distribute information in a group setting. Order your Ag Mags today by emailing Lauren Goble at ldgoble@gfb.org.



Education is the basis for which the Foundation was formed. Reaching children is the most important focus of the Foundation. Helping children understand where their food comes from and how it gets from the farm to their plate while creating hands-on learning opportunities will always be a priority of the Foundation. Reaching and teaching teachers through Teacher Workshops is an effective way to reach and teach students. Our reach grows exponentially when we teach just one teacher one lesson plan. Teacher Workshops are an efficient, effective way to reach children across the state and develop a deeper understanding of food. The Foundation also works to provide numerous educational resources to use in various settings, including Ag Mags, children’s books, bookmarks, state-approved curriculum and more.

In addition to reaching children and teachers, an important educational component of the Foundation is to educate consumers. Consumer confidence is critical to producers, and through the Foundation we will work in every community across the state to increase agricultural literacy from a consumer perspective. Individuals and companies can apply for mini grants to help fund projects that strengthen our consumer outreach efforts. The Foundation will also work to engage farmers and consumers in deeper food dialogue as we work to strengthen our communication. Consumer education is as important as childhood education in terms of food security and general awareness. Consumers have access to more information than ever before, but often this information is misguided or misplaced. The Foundation works to provide consumers with science-based information that helps consumers understand where their food comes from and why agriculture is a national security issue. Visit the links below for answers to many consumer questions.

Food Dialogues

GMO Answers



The GFB Foundation for Agriculture strives to provide students with an opportunity to succeed as they study agriculture-related courses of study. There are several scholarship opportunities available to students, each with varying criteria and eligibility requirements.

To learn more about the various college scholarship opportunities available through the Foundation, please click here.



Leadership development is critical for the state of Georgia. As we work to pave the way for a brighter future for our state, we must develop young leaders through education and training. The Foundation will help Georgia 4-H and Georgia FFA continue the great work they do with youth development and will work with organizations around Georgia, including Georgia Farm Bureau, on developing strong leaders to guide our communities. As a state, we have a responsibility to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Through the Foundation we can help build a solid basis by which our future leaders can learn and grow while understanding Georgia agriculture and the role agriculture plays in our economy.